Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gone Country!

Brian and I are members of the Madera Evening Lions club. Brian is actually the 2nd vice president. The club held a country how down. We had a good time.

There was a skit at the beginning of the night. They were telling a story of a bank robbery. So they got people from the audience to be the bank teller, bank manager and the bank robber. Needless to say I was chosen to be the bank robber. But I was innocent!!!!!

Here are some more pictures from the evening!


webster said...

Dang looks like a lot of fun, i wish we could of gone. i need a family memebers in the area that can watch Macie, i think she is still just to small to leave her with a YW to babysitt...ya know. We need to get together soon, hopefully this weekend for the movie

Trent and Mel said...

How fun! You guys look good!

Kalli said...

Cute pictures!! Looks like y'all are doing well and having fun :) I'm so happy for you!
Thanks for the comment on my blog. I have been missing you SO much, and am so glad to be in contact again!! I just wish we could meet up in person :) Coming to Utah anytime soon??
I love ya! Thanks for always being such a great friend and example to me.

The Roundy's said...

Nice! I bet you were a great bank robber. The pictures of you two are super cute!

Rebecca said...

love the top pic of you two in this post!