Monday, February 24, 2014

Will I keep this blog going???

So much time has passed once again. I keep thinking I will keep up with the blog and somehow I don't. Well Potty training is rough to say the least. I started and stopped multiple times and we are finally potty training Addison. This time she is ready so it is actually working. Dawson in crawling has been for almost a month now.

This post might just be for me to just get some things off my chest so I understand if this post isn't read. Feel free to skip down to pictures and look and how cute my kids are.

Motherhood is so amazing. These children are so great and I am honored to be their mom. I have heard and read by multiple people how hard it is. So I don't feel I entered with rose colored glasses. I have always been a stress case. Heck when I was 17 a Dr told me my headaches were stress related. I didn't really have much going on during that time in my life, how could I be stressed? I just seem to be really struggling with the whole mommy thing. I didn't think lack of sleep would affect me too bad, wrong. I thought of it will be fun to play with my kids all day and cook dinner every night and read tons of book to my kids and I will handle it all gracefully, WRONG. I rarely have a meal prepared on time, playing with my kids is a lot harder than I had thought, I guess being the youngest in my family and not really babysitting a whole lot is catching up on me. I struggle with the thought that sometimes I think to myself this would be so easy if I only had One kid not two or in my case now three. And the guilt I feel daily is all consuming, I feel that there is so much more I need to be doing and either don't  have the energy or patience or knowledge to do the things I think I should be doing. I just feel so overwhelmed constantly. I don't even feel like a good member of the church these days. Let me just say GUILT there too. I don't feel like I am living up to so many mothers around me and the many great examples that I have had around me through the years. I really try not to compare myself with others and for the most part I do ok with not doing that. I just wonder how do moms do it? How do they keep it together?

I have the most amazing husband too. He is always giving me time to get away when needed. So why do I feel so stressed most of the time?

Any way here are some photos of my kiddos.

Dawson at his 9 month check up.

We went to Disneyland in November.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Potty training take 82.

Ok so my last post said I was starting to potty train the twins,however that only lasted about 30 minutes after the post was up. But this Monday we are really going to do this. I think the girls have been ready for a while it has been me who wasn't ready. Well we converted their cribs to beds.

Got rid of the binkies.

Now is potty time. I am out of reasons not to I guess.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Potty time really???

Can they really be old enough for this? I hope they catch on. We started potty training this morning.
Here is Addie watching Elmo while sitting on the potty.

This photo is from a couple weeks ago. They sure do enjoy sitting on the potty.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Zoo

Today we went to the zoo. My dear friend Kit went to help me with the girls and hang out with me as well. We picked a nice cool day to be there. However I think most of the animals thought it was nap time. The girls still enjoyed themselves.

This is the best I could get of the 3 of us.

And last but not least, my cute boy Dawson.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Things kids say,1

The other day Addison was calling to her sister "Kiki", she can't say Kenzie yet, and Kenzie was saying back to her "what now".This went on for quite a while. Pretty funny stuff.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Good bye beach house.

My parents sold their house at the coast in early February. But before the sale was final we had to make one last trip over there. Little did we know how much Mckenzie would love the ocean. This made it even harder to part with. We had fun and hope my folks buy another one(hint,hint).

Misc post

We had a special visit in February from Emily and Talia. We had a lot of fun with them while they were here. Just hanging out and we also went to the zoo. I don't really have many pictures but we did get a couple of the 3 girls. It is so fun that they have cousins close in age. I do wish we lived closer and could see them more often, but we will just cherish the times we do have.

For Valentines day we got together with LT and the boys Liam Auley and Finn. Once again just one picture from the evening but we got a heart shapped pizza and had punch and cookies, this is a Dawson family tradition you could say.

Some time in January we got the girls hair cut. Lets just say they were not the biggest fans of it, I did take a couple shots of them screaming.

Some time ago my mom was over visiting with us and she had her phone in her hand. Well the girls kept trying to take it from her so she hid it in her shirt. Well little did we know this would start a phase where the girls take things and stick them down their shirts. This one day I found all this lout in Mckenzies onesie. They still to this day will put things down their shirts but not as often thank goodness they were starting to stretch out all their clothes.