Sunday, June 9, 2013

Misc post

We had a special visit in February from Emily and Talia. We had a lot of fun with them while they were here. Just hanging out and we also went to the zoo. I don't really have many pictures but we did get a couple of the 3 girls. It is so fun that they have cousins close in age. I do wish we lived closer and could see them more often, but we will just cherish the times we do have.

For Valentines day we got together with LT and the boys Liam Auley and Finn. Once again just one picture from the evening but we got a heart shapped pizza and had punch and cookies, this is a Dawson family tradition you could say.

Some time in January we got the girls hair cut. Lets just say they were not the biggest fans of it, I did take a couple shots of them screaming.

Some time ago my mom was over visiting with us and she had her phone in her hand. Well the girls kept trying to take it from her so she hid it in her shirt. Well little did we know this would start a phase where the girls take things and stick them down their shirts. This one day I found all this lout in Mckenzies onesie. They still to this day will put things down their shirts but not as often thank goodness they were starting to stretch out all their clothes.

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