Sunday, June 9, 2013

Introducing Dawson Samuel Reed!

This post is way over due but I wanted to share about the birth of Dawson and share some pictures as well.
I had a scheduled c section date of May 3rd. I had everything planned out for that day. Well Dawson decided he wanted to come early. He made his grand entrance on April 30th. I was starting to show signs of pre eclampsia again and the Dr saw no need to wait since I was 39 weeks. So we headed to the hospital. Well first we had to drop the girls off with my most amazing best friend/sister Carroll who so willingly took my 2 two year olds as well as her one 2 year old and her other kids too. With the drop off complete we then headed to the hospital. At this point I was getting really nervous for some reason knowing that the next time I see my girls we will be a family of 5, having a c section with a relatively new OBGYN( new to me that is), and the unknown of the future. Well we got checked in taken back got me all ready. Let me just say that the part i was the most nervous about was getting the spinal. When i had the twins my OB who i had been seeing since i was 18 was there and held me when they gave me the spinal and since my insurance no longer covered her i was with a different dr and i knew this dr wasnt going to give me the same treatment. Boy was i right. they are starting to give me the spinal and one nurse said to the nurse in charge of me hey you should go be with your patient she is getting her spinal. I don't think she had much c section experience she was like oh ok put a hand on my shoulder. I was thinking ya that really helps. at that point my blood pressure got to its highest 210/115 or something close to that. so the Drs are there and it seems like they are getting ready to start and I am like hey when does my husband get to come in and then I think they realized he wasn't there. So by the time Brian got there they had made the first cut. Brian is a champ he watched the whole thing. It was a much different experience this time as well since I wasn't an emergency the Drs were taking their time talking about fishing in Alaska and I am laying there wondering what is taking so long. When I had the twins it was super fast, well at least that is how I remember it being at least.
Ok on to the Baby. We had not agreed on a name the whole pregnancy so we had not settled on a name until he was born. I wanted Dawson and Brian wanted Jake. Well when brian went to see him as they were cleaning him off and taking vitals and such he said oh he looks like a Dawson. I said so is that his name he said i guess it is. What he had meant was that he looks like my side of the family, most like Auley and Finn. The name just fit him so well and we are still very happy with the decision.
Recovery seemed to take forever before they got me to a room.

We are beyond blessed to have Dawson in our family. He is such a good baby. He is loved by his sisters a little too much at times.

Welcome to the family little man. We love you.

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