Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas photo take one!

Brian and I went to my parents beach house last weekend. We played a round of golf and decided to take some pictures for our Christmas card. Needless to say the one weekend we hoped for clouds to help the pictures, we had nothing but sun!

This was the first photo taken, not quite maybe next photo.

Oh no not this one either.

Ok I love this one Brian's face is priceless!

So Brian is telling us something, "Smile for the camera" says Brian.

How is this? Can you say CHEESE!

So these two are my favorite, but we are going to try another shoot, What do you think?


webster said...

cute! looks like fun! thanks for brining your friend by today, she was super nice! did you check out my new post?

The Family said...

Hey Gina, it's Rachelle. I really like the second from the last photo. You guys look natural and you both have a great smile. Very cute. How lucky that you have access to a beach house whenever. Sounds like lots of fun!

Rebecca said...

The second to last pic is definitely my favorite too. I'm jealous of your weather.

S+S said...

Man that stupid sun ruined some pretty adorable shots, But guess what? They are still totally adorable! Put them on the christmas card!

Mer said...

I miss California. And I miss you. I'm excited to see you at Christmas.

Kilner Family said...

Very Cute! How are you guys doing? I haven't talked to you in forever. Looks like you guys had some fun at the beach house.

Laura said...

I can't wait to see you at Christmas. I miss you!!! Can I go back to California with you after Christmas? It feels like summer was so long ago. Remember when someone thought you guys were our parents, ha, ha. Good times, good times.