Sunday, May 24, 2009

A little change is good once in a while!

Brian and I were invited to a costume party a week ago and to help Brian get into character he decided to dye his hair black. He also had been growing it long, to fit his character. He was Jimmy Skimmy an accountant that cooked peoples books for a price. It was a murder mystery party to be set in the late 1950's. I was unable to go due to some minor surgery and therefore have no pictures lame I know. But here is Brian with his long black hair.

The day after the party Brian cut his hair and the following days Charlie and I also cut our hair. Here is a picture of us outside our house.

This picture is to show how charlie did get his hair cut. The previous picture you couldn't quite tell. The previous post shows how long his hair had gotten, oops bad mommy. Nothing new or exciting going on here just getting ready for scout camp and girls camp!!!


Trent and Mel said...

I love all the new doo's(hairdoos?)!!

Kilner Family said...

GINA....How the heck are you? I love your hair it so so cute. What kind of surgery did you have? HOpe everything is going well with you guys. I miss you. I was looking at some old pics the other day. Fun times as YSA. Man sometimes I wish I could go back in time.

S+S said...

I like your hair, Gina! It was fun seeing pics of you on Melissa's blog!

Preil said...

adorable :) Love your hair Gina!