Sunday, December 7, 2008

Disneyland Day 2

This is a picture of Brian and I next to the large Christmas tree right when you walk in to Disneyland. I was hoping for a good shot for the Christmas card don't think i got one the whole trip:(

This was a cool fountain in California adventures.
Here we are on one of the cars that you ride on the Monsters inc ride. This ride was neat, I loved the door room.

So my nephew was busy with Matt making a light sabor, so Brian and I were looking around the shop I found theses bride and groom mickey ears how cute is that? Brian will kill me if he looks at the blog he wasn't to happy about taking this picture.

Here we are outside Cinderella's castle. We happened to find a spot where there were no bystanders in our picture. There were sure a lot of lights on the castle.

Since this was Brian's first trip to Disneyland we HAD to get mickey ears. We both strayed from the traditional ears. My ears are of a snowman not sure if you can tell by the picture. Brian's have a tail on the top you can't see. And Liam's are the nightmare before Christmas, the ears glow in the dark.

Aren't we cute? haha.


Trent and Mel said...

Looks like you guys had fun!The pitures are so cute! I wish that we could go to Disneyland, maybe next year!

webster said...

How fun i wanna go! I think you got some cute pictures.

S+S said...


Cookies were Great! Thanks...Looks like Disneyland was a success.