Sunday, December 7, 2008

Disneyland Day 3

This is from our final day at Disneyland. It is a little late coming got a little busy. My most favorite Disney character is Belle. I love the beautiful dress and the happily ever after. We were on our way out of the park and all the princesses walked out right in front of us. Belle turned and smiled. I was real close to getting my picture taken with her then a cute six year old lit up and ran up to her, to get a picture.

This is Liam and Brian ready to head home.

This is my adorable nephew. He had a great few days so much he fell asleep at the very end.Oh yes it is the happiest place on earth.


The Roundy's said...

I love Disneyland! All your pictures are so cute. I can't wait until I can take my family. Belle is Sarah's favorite princess too. :D

webster said...

Bell!! did i ever tell you my prom dress looked just like bells dress. i can put it on and you can take a picture with me! haha

S+S said...

so glad bryan got to experience the happiest place on earth.