Saturday, January 3, 2009

Four years and counting!

Brian and I just celebrated our Fourth anniversary. This is at Brian's work holiday party. I wanted to get some pictures from the last few years I came up a little short, not really wanting to spend time looking up photos on the other computer since this computer is somewhat newish.

Here we are on our short honeymoon, at Avila Beach.

This is one of our engagement photos.

so I still have issues with the whole blogging format and getting it to look like I want it the photo above is from the day we got Married and the one on the left is from the day we got engaged. Well the last four years have been great and am lucky to be married to Brian for EVER!!!!!


Carroll Berrett said...

Yea! I love that I can do this now! Your blog looks awesome thank you so much for helping me get started and I love the pictures! You guys are so cute together! Love ya lots

Rebecca said...

Love your new header!

webster said...

soo cute! Congrats