Sunday, January 4, 2009

The last day in Utah we made a snow man. We can call him Frosty. I had never made one, not to this caliber it was one of the highlights of my trip.
Here we are before giving Frosty his head:)

He is looking more like a snow man tall tall tall!!!!

Tah Dah!!! Here he is with all his creators!

I am sad to announce the day after Frosty was created, he was assaulted his cap and scarf were taken and he was kicked around. Have no fear he will come back to life one day!


S+S said...

great snowman!

The Roundy's said...

That is a sweet snowman! I wish I could make one. The snow we get in Omaha just doesn't make snowmen. It's too dry.

Kilner Family said...

You look really good. How are you? You look like you had a lot of fun and were kinda busy for the holidays. Hope all is good with you guys. love ya